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VPN - Virtual Private Networks

Secure your business wherever you are

A virtual private network (VPN) should always be used while connected to a public or shared network. VPN adds a layer of security protection as it enables you to use the internet across public or shared networks over an encrypted connection.

Browse the Internet and work on your personal and professional business - free of content restrictions, data caps and privacy concerns.

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VPN helps secure remote workforce during COVID-19 pandemic

vpn cell phone During the Covid 19 pandemic, millions of people are working remotely. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the disruption and exploiting security vulnerabilities in home and public networks. The FBI reports seeing an increase of 400% in cyberattacks from pre-coronavirus levels.

VPN solutions help secure your connections wherever you are so you can safely go about your business with peace of mind.

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VPN Features and Pricing

Existing Everleap customers: You can order VPN services through your Control Panel.
Not an Everleap customer yet? You can order VPN services here.

Activity Logs None
No tracking.
No browser history stored.
Usage Unlimited
Data Restrictions None
Download Caps None
IP Lock
Random new IP assigned every time
Large High Speed Network Yes
1400+ servers in 75+ locations and 40+ countries
DNS Leak Protection Yes
Prevents data leakage
No. of Devices Protect up to 5 Devices
Per subscription
Monthly Price $9.99
Annual Price $71.88
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Why should I use VPN? Why should my staff use VPN?

Public networks are convenient but they are not secure

How many times have you been on a public network at a cafe? Did you ever check your email or bank account there? Browsing your personal information on a public network is risky, but using a VPN will help protect your data.

Do you know if your staff or co-worker's networks are secure?

With most people working remote, there is no way to know how secure your staff's or co-worker's home network is or if they are working from a cafe. Using VPN helps protect your staff and your business.

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Are you currently traveling or do you plan to travel in the near future?

With Covid restrictions being relaxed over time, you and your staff may be looking forward to traveling. However, traveling will typically involve using public networks which is risky. Using a VPN to protect your data helps secure your business.

In a time of increased cybercriminal activities, are you concerned about your privacy?

It's safe to say that we are all concerned about our privacy. Why risk being the victim of a malicious hacker, when you can cost-effectively secure your online activities with VPN on all your devices.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) FAQs

Here are some common questions regarding VPN.

Yes, we will help you get setup. You are not left on your own to figure it all out. Here is a Knowledge Base article to help you get started.

After purchasing VPN services, you will log into the SiteLock management portal to complete configuration. We provide links to the SiteLock management portal in your Everleap Control Panel.

You will download the SiteLock VPN client to your desktop, laptop, or cell phone - whichever device you will connect to the Internet using VPN. After you log into the VPN app, you can select the network you want to use and activate the VPN for secure connection.

Yes, in the process of activating your VPN connection, you can select the country/city you want your VPN connection to appear to be coming from.

Yes, you can use your one VPN subscription with up to five devices. That means you can protect your desktop, laptop, and cell phone with VPN.

A "man-in-the-middle" attack is a cyberattack where an attacker secretly relays and sometimes alters the communication between two parties that believe that they are directly communicating with each other. For this to work, the hacker is usually within the reception range of an unencrypted WiFi access point and inserts themselves "in the middle" between a victim using the WiFi network and whatever the victim is trying to communicate with. For example, the hacker could be "in the middle" between the victim and the email service or bank website that the victim is tryng to log into.

No, not completely. Using VPN will increase your online privacy and security. The VPN will mask your location and your IP address. However, you are not truly anonymous because you logged onto to the Internet so you used an ISP that knows your location and the IP they assigned you. Browsing a website, the site could still drop cookies and see your browser, plugins...etc.

While VPN technology is complex, in a simple explanation, a VPN relocates your internet access point from your current location (e.g., home, cafe...etc.) to a different server location of your choosing. So by routing your internet connection through a VPN server, when you transmit data - it comes from the VPN server rather than your computer. This is why your IP address is not exposed. Finally, the data transmission to the VPN and out of the VPN is encrypted.

Free services typically means that YOU are the product. So this usually means that the service will keep logs of your activities so that they can monetize that data and be able to offer the VPN service for free and make a profit. Usually a person wants to use VPN to maintain their privacy from advertisers - which is counter to how free VPN services operate.

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