nopCommerce hosting at Everleap

nopCommerce hosting

Is your nopCommerce cart struggling on a traditional hosting platform? Everleap is the ideal scalable, fault tolerant enterprise class hosting platform for nopCommerce. With our multiple scaling options, you won't have to move your site from host to host when it is successful or because it needs more resources. You can add resources to your nopCommerce deployment any time you need them.

Take a look at some load testing results comparing Everleap to other hosts. All of the testing was done on nopCommerce demo store site installations.

Check out a live demo of nopCommerce running on the Everleap cloud platform.

nopCommerce is an e-commerce application that includes both a catalog front end and an administration tool back end with a fully customizable shopping cart. The nopCommerce solution is built with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and uses an MS SQL back end database. Open source and available as a free download, nopCommerce offers comprehensive online resources as well as support to an active community.

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