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.NET from day one
Everleap is brought to you by the people behind DiscountASP.NET, which we launched in 2003 when .NET was a new technology. A lot changed since 2003. We felt that we took the traditional shared hosting as far as we could, so we launched Everleap as the next evolution in shared hosting.

Frank Cheung, CEO/CTO Takeshi Eto, President/VP Marketing and Business Development

"Through the years we've always prided ourselves on striving for the leading edge of what was possible."

Scalable Shared Cloud Hosting
We immersed ourselves in modern cloud technology and spent over a year in development, laying the groundwork for Everleap's Shared Cloud Hosting. Our thought from the beginning was, "Why not take everything that's great about the big cloud, eliminate the things that make it painful and difficult, and roll it all up in a familiar web hosting service package?" So that's what we did and built an elastic shared cloud hosting platform.

Victor Shing, System Administration Director

"Why not take everything that's great about the big cloud and eliminate the parts that make it painful and difficult?"

Like a lot of cool things, Everleap was born out of a desire to make things better. We took our decades of hosting experience and innovation and applied it to some next-generation cloud technology. We welcome you to try Everleap shared cloud for a 30 day free trial.

Martin Ortega, Support Manager Abraham Chung, Billing Director

"Like a lot of cool things, Everleap was born out of a desire to make things better."

Fully-Managed Private Cloud Hosting
Over time we've seen customers start to outgrow our Shared Cloud Hosting platform or they started to need special requirements which could not be easily supported in a "Shared" environment. Some customers moved to traditional VPS or Dedicated Servers, while others moved to the giant public clouds like Azure and Amazon. Those former customers reported that they didn't have time or lacked the skill to manage servers. Those that moved to Public Clouds found it to be very complex, very expensive, and they had to pay to get support.

So we launched our Fully-Managed Private Cloud Hosting Solution to address many issues that we saw with traditional hosting and Public Clouds.

- We provide free consultation to right-size your systems. Don't pay for resources you don't need.
- We manage / maintain the servers. Saving you time and headaches.
- Our bill is a flat monthly fee and includes bandwidth. No unpredictable by-the-minute fees.
- We include 24/7 Technical Support. No paid support plans.
- We include a couple hours System Admin and DBA services per month.
- We include backups as part of our Managed Hosting. You don't need to do backups on your own.
- We offer proactive Advanced Monitoring of your applications and databases
- We offer Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning and implementation services
All this, and our pricing is typically less than Azure and Amazon.

We welcome you to Schedule a meeting to discuss your Managed Hosting needs.

Managed IT Services
Our most recent evolution is in offering Managed IT Services and Managed Cybersecurity Solutions.


We found that some of our Managed Hosting customers were having some technical and cybersecurity issues on-premises. We've been securely managing our own internal infrastucture along with our hosting infrastructure for over 20 years. So we did some consulting and helped them out.

We decided to introduce a new division to offer Managed IT and Managed Cybersecurity solutions to businesses that do not necessarily host with us. We introduced some solutions including:

- Managed Cloud Backup of on-prem servers, desktops and mobile devices.
- Microsoft 365 Backup for email, calendars, tasks, contacts, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups and Teams.
- Google Workspace Backup for email, calendars, tasks, contacts, and Google Drive.
- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning/Implemenation
- Cyberthreat and Ransomware Detection
- Remote Monitoring and Management of IT systems

We are building out our IT Services Portfolio, so please stay tuned....

Hosting and Managed IT & Cybersecurity Solutions for your Business