ASP.NET Hosting

Everleap is today's .NET: fully managed, fault-tolerant, scalable

Technology evolves and changes. A modern .NET developer's methods and tools have to evolve as well. Our focus and specialty is ASP.NET hosting on a scalable platform that can grow along with your projects. Everleap base hosting plans provide seamless horizontal scaling to two (or more) load-balanced web servers as well as vertical scaling, increases in memory or CPU.

ASP.NET hosting for today's .NET developer

  • ASP.NET 4.6.1, 3.x, 2.0
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Run different ASP.NET versions in our Multi-site hosting plan
  • Full trust mode
  • Isolated application pools for every site
  • Web Deploy
  • ASP.NET MVC hosting
  • SQL databases and SQL Reporting Services included, Private SQL Servers also available
  • SignalR, Web Sockets
  • node.js (node.js version chooser tool in Control Panel)
  • Entity Framework
  • Web Jobs (on Reserved Cloud Servers)
  • Integrated or Classic ASP.NET Pipeline Mode
  • Web Services
  • LINQ
  • Legacy: Silverlight, WebMatrix, Expression, LightSwitch
  • Other: Classic ASP, Access Database, PHP
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Bring your own toolbox

Publish with all of the tools you already use: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Community 2013, Visual Studio Express, FTP, Web Deploy, Git, SQL Management Studio, SQL Management Studio Express and even legacy tools like WebMatrix, Expression Web and LightSwitch.

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