Private MySQL Hosting

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% off your first month of Private MySQL Server
private mysql hosting

Private MySQL Server

Your database service has access to all of the server's storage, memory and CPU resources. You never share resources with any other users.

Private MySQL ideal for:

  • A large database
  • Hosting many small databases (e.g., multi-tenant SaaS applications)
  • Those who need MySQL server customization
  • Anyone who has experienced database problems because other users/databases are consuming all of the resources on a shared server

Fully Managed

We take care of security patching and server updates.

Server Customization

Unlike shared MySQL, custom server configuration or installing programs on the server is possible with Private MySQL.

Discrete server

Private MySQL runs on its own virtual server, not on your web server.

Control Panel

The tools available for our shared MySQL service will be available for most Private MySQL implementations.

DBA Services

Private MySQL server hosting includes 1 hour of DBA services every month.

Private SQL and Private MongoDB are also available.


Start with one of these plans

RAM and disk space are expandable at any time.

Plan features 4 core server 8 core server
CPU Cores 2 4
RAM 2 GB* 4 GB*
Disk Space 200 GB* 200 GB*
Number of databases No limit No limit
Monthly price $65 $130
Limited Time Offer: 50% off first month of Private MySQL server

*If you need more resources the following scaling options are available:

  • Additional RAM is $25 per month per additional GB, up to a maximum of 16 GB.
  • Additional disk space is $50 per month per additional 100 GB, up to a maximum of 1000 GB (disk space includes databases, transaction logs, temp directories and backups).
  • Private MySQL service can be paid monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months or annually.

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