Everleap Managed Hosting

Hosting beyond Everleap "shared" cloud platform

While Everleap's "shared" cloud hosting platform is great for most website and web applications, some mission critical business applications may need more than what is offered on a "shared" cloud platform.

Managed Services Solutions

Not only is Managed Services a higher level customized premium hosting infrastructure solution for your mission critical applications, you can consider our Managed Services team as an extension of your IT Team.

Each Managed Services deployment is unique and customized to your needs, and includes:

  • Free Consulting
  • - We offer an intial FREE consultation for assessment.
    - We can help design hosting solutions for your business requirements.
    - We don't believe that you should be paying for services you don't need so we right-size your infrastructure for your mission critical web applications, databases, DevOps infrastructure, and/or intranet applications.
    - We have decades of experience managing and maintaining hosting infrastructure for tens of thousands of applications and tens of thousands of databases.

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  • Flat Predictable Monthly Rates
  • - In contrast to the by-the-minute/second unpredictable costs of Public Clouds, we quote you a flat monthly rate so you know how much the services will cost upfront.
    - Unlike other Cloud Services, we include in/out bandwidth as part of our Managed Hosting services.
    - Our pricing is typically lower than the giant public clouds like Amazon and Azure.

  • Custom Private Hosting Environment
  • - We can set up and manage custom IaaS/PaaS/Hybrid environments that are right-sized for your mission critical web applications, DevOps infrastructure, or intranet applications.
    - We support both cutting edge .NET Core, ASP.NET and legacy technologies.
    - You'll be on your own private system that IS NOT shared with any other customer.
    - With our hyper-converged infrastruture, scaling can be done with minimal disruption.

  • Fully-Managed Server Maintenance
  • - No more server management headaches. We will manage the server to keep you up-to-date with all the server updates and security patches.

  • 24/7 Technical Support Included
  • While other Public Clouds offer expensive paid Support Plans, we include 24/7 Technical Support with our Managed Servcies.

  • System Admin and DBA as-a-Service
  • - We offer all our Managed Hosting customers with two hours per month of system administration and DBA assistance. For example, our DBA experts can help in data migration, data porting, upgrading, patching, and performance tuning, or our system administrators can investigate a latency issue your application is experiencing...etc.

  • Backups Included
  • - You don't have to figure out how to backup your web applications and databases on your own. We offer backups as part of our Managed Hosting services.

  • Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Included
  • - Advanced 24/7 Cyber threat monitoring, detection, and response solution that goes beyond traditional firewalls and anti-virus solutions.

  • Advanced Monitoring (Optional - Highly Recommended)
  • -Not only do we offer proactive monitoring for your servers, but also offer Advanced Monitoring for your application and databases.
    - With this service, you will gain insights about any issues that affect the performance of your applications.

  • Business Continuity (Optional)
  • Beyond backups, we can help design and implement backup and disaster recovery solutions that meet your business requirements.

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