Everleap Control Panel

When a new version of IIS, SQL (or anything else) is released, we want you to have access to it right away. The only way we can do that is if we build and maintain our own Control Panel.

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of how our Control Panel works. It's impossible to show everything here, so if you have any questions, just drop us a line, and we'll get back to you right away.

Why go to the trouble and expense of building our own Control Panel? Freedom and flexibility.

Latest enhancements: more usage stats and historical usage charts. We now display memory usage, CPU usage, I/O traffic, HTTP requests, and errors.


Everleap Control Panel Overview

Quick access to commonly used website and billing features.

Sites Overview

Everleap Control Panel Sites Overview

A list of sites for the Multi-site plan and aggregate disk space and bandwidth use. You have the ability to add a new site.

Single site Overview

Everleap Control Panel Single site Overview

Website details and controls. Single site plan shown here. The Multi-site plan has an overview page for each site.

Enhanced usage statistics

Everleap Control Panel Historical usage statistics

See exactly how many resources your site used over the past 6 hours, day, week or month. You choose which data points to plot.

Site Settings

Everleap Control Panel Site Settings

Control site settings. Sites within a Multi-site plan can all run on different .NET versions, pipeline modes, etc.

Databases Overview

Everleap Control Panel Databases Overview

List, aggregate use/quota assignment and management links to specific databases and the ability to create additional SQL databases.

Individual Database Overview

Everleap Control Panel Individual Database Overview

Connection string, disk space use, and access to backup, restore, attach tools.

Scheduled Tasks page

Everleap Control Panel Scheduled Tasks page

Git integration page

Everleap Control Panel Git integration page

"The control panel is very intuitive and easy to use. Managing sites, databases, and services is very straight forward." - W. Burrows
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