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Scale vertically

Additional server resources like memory, disk space, bandwidth, database or email storage are available with the Power Pack, an all-inclusive boost in resources.

Scale horizontally

Scale horizontally by using additional Cloud Web Servers to serve your site. With a few clicks you can add Cloud Web Servers that are automatically load balanced. Scale out to as many Cloud Web Servers as you need (every site has access to two Cloud Web Servers by default). Learn more about additional Cloud Web Server pricing.

Need more sites?

Our Multi-site plan supports multiple completely separate and isolated websites. You can easily upgrade your Single site plan to the Multi-site plan through Control Panel at any time.

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SSD Reserved Cloud Servers

If you have a website that requires even more CPU power, memory or extended idle time out periods, Everleap offers Reserved Cloud Servers. A Reserved Cloud Server has no constraints on CPU usage, idle time outs or concurrent connections. The RAM - and all other resources on the server - are reserved strictly for your website.

Reserved Cloud Servers are available in three sizes:
Small: 1 CPU and 1GB RAM
Medium: 2 CPUs and 2GB RAM
Large: 4 CPUs and 4GB RAM.
Your website can also run on multiple Reserved Cloud Servers.

Private SQL, Private MySQL and Private MongoDB servers

We offer Private SQL Server, Private MySQL Server and Private MongoDB Server hosting solutions that provide you with your own database server - no more sharing resources with other users. Private SQL, MySQL and MongoDB are ideal for large databases, multi-tenant SaaS applications with many smaller databases, and for those who require database server customization (e.g., SQL Jobs, SQL CLR, customer-supplied software).
Find out more about Private SQL, Private MySQL. and Private MongoDB.

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