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SSLIf your audience doesn't feel that their information is safe and secure, they will be less likely to complete order forms or provide personal information. SSL is the standard for securing websites, being both affordable and easy to implement. Support for SNI SSL is included in every Everleap plan. If you need IP-based SSL, it is available for an additional monthly fee.

The difference between SNI and IP-based SSL

SNI SSL is a more recent security implementation that allows a server to use multiple SSL certificates on the same IP address. The benefit of this is an overall reduction of cost related to SSL service, allowing us to offer a free option for SSL support. The drawback is that SNI SSL is only supported by modern browsers. Older browsers and operating systems like Windows XP do not support SNI SSL.

IP-based SSL is the traditional method used for SSL protected websites. When you use this method, each SSL certificate requires that a unique IP address be associated with it. The benefit of IP-based SSL is that it is supported by virtually every web browser. IP-based SSL is available for an additional monthly fee.

Which method is best for you will depend on your audience and whether your site has to be PCI compliant (IP-based SSL is required for PCI compliance). If your audience keeps up with the latest software, SNI SSL could work for you. If they are less technically focused, or include users who may not be able to update to modern web browsers, you will want to go with IP-based SSL for maximum compatibility.

Available SSL certificates

We offer several SSL certificates at below retail prices:

Certificate Annual cost Warranty
RapidSSL $49 $10,000 Purchase SSL
RapidSSL Wildcard $209 $10,000 Purchase SSL
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $129 $500,000 Purchase SSL
GeoTrust True BusinessID $179 $1,250,000 Purchase SSL
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV $269 $1,500,000 Purchase SSL
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $499 $1,250,000 Purchase SSL

Differences in SSL certificate validation

There are three kinds of validation that SSL certificate providers perform. Some certificates require more involved validation, others require simple domain validation: if you can send an email from the domain, they consider you the owner.

For example, a GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV certificate requires "High-assurance extended validation," which includes providing very detailed business and financial information, corporate documents, DBA, etc. A GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate requires "Strong organization/business identity" validation, which requires somewhat less detailed business information.

The higher the warranty value provided, the more rigorous the validation will be. For most sites the domain-validated RapidSSL certificate will be sufficient. But e-commerce sites or sites that store a lot of personal information might benefit from a higher level certificate. All certificates provide "https" web addresses and display a "padlock" or other security icon in the browser.

Additionally, the less expensive certificates provide a static "seal" icon while the more expensive certificates provide a dynamic seal with date/time stamp, etc. The GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV turns the browser address bar green for a visible indication that the web page is secure.

If you already have an SSL certificate you can transfer it to an Everleap site

If you transfer a certificate to an Everleap site, we recommend that you generate a new CSR from our Control Panel and ask your SSL provider to re-key the certificate. If the certificate is not re-keyed it is not secure, since the old host may retain the key pair information that decrypts your SSL certificate.


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What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is installed on the web server, where it authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts the data being transmitted. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. It is used on websites to decrease the risk of sensitive information being stolen or tampered with. SSL is essentially a private connection between your site and your visitors.

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