A dedicated server alternative

Ownership has its privileges

But there are also drawbacks. As dedicated server hardware ages you may find yourself in need of a boost in resources that your box can't accommodate. Then there's time and money spent installing, updating and maintaining software, and making sure your server is secure. If you need to expand to a second (or third) server, maintenance and costs also multiply. And hardware being hardware, eventually something will fail. When your server goes down, how long are you willing to wait for it to come back up?

If you use an Everleap Reserved Cloud Server as an alternative to your dedicated server you can enjoy flexibility and scaling options that are - at best - difficult to achieve on a dedicated box. Everything is fully managed, and always up to date and secure. And it's all included in your plan.

Here are a few of the reasons that an Everleap Reserved Cloud Server is a viable alternative to your dedicated server

  • All Reserved Cloud Servers run on fast, stable SSD drives
  • It's easy to add servers and load balancing those servers is automatic.
  • Our platform is fault tolerant and self-healing.
  • Websites and databases (SQL and MySQL) live on separate servers.
  • Price is all-inclusive - no licensing fees or surprise bandwidth bills.
  • You can run different versions of ASP.NET and PHP in the same plan.
  • Real SQL databases included, not SQL Express.
  • If you need support, it's included in your plan.
  • SQL Reporting Services.
  • Uncluttered Control Panel for easy access to configuration and information.
  • Historical usage stats for memory, CPU, http requests, errors, etc.
  • We set up a Git repository for you when your account is created.
  • 100% uptime SLA.
  • You can try a full-featured fully functional account for free for 30 days.
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Sometimes dedication is a good thing

If you absolutely need remote access to the server or special configuration, a dedicated server is probably the way to go but you may want to check out alternative services. Everleap offers Custom Cloud solutions that may be able to accommodate your special configuration, so don't hesitate to ask us about a customized cloud for you!). But if you don't need complete control of the server, consider using an Everleap Reserved Cloud Server as an alternative to your dedicated server can save you time and money, and give you back a little peace of mind.

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