Google Workspace Cloud Backup

Google Workspace cloud backup solution

Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) is a popular business productivity solution for communication, collaboration and sharing files, but Google does not provide full data protection. Data protection is ultimately the responsibility of the user. So, it is important to have a backup plan for your important data stored in Google Workspace.

Safeguard your critical Google Workspace data

Our Google Workspace Cloud Backup is a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that automatically and securely backs up Gmail and Attachments, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, My Drive, and Shared Drive and includes powerful search and recovery tools.

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Hacking has become a pandemic during the COVID-19 timeframe

hacking during covid pandemic During a time when millions of people are working remotely due to the Covid 19 pandemic, hacking became a pandemic as well. The FBI has reported an increase of 400% in cyberattacks from pre-coronavirus levels. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the disruption in regular work schedules, and exploiting security vulnerabilities in home networks and engaging in social engineering tactics. And there is no sign of the malicious hacking activities letting up. Therefore, backing up all critical data - including those stored in Google Workspace - is more important than ever.

Google Workspace Cloud Backup Plans and Pricing

Existing Everleap customers: You can order Google Workspace Cloud Backup through your Control Panel.
Not an Everleap customer? You can order Google Workspace Cloud Backup services here.

Google Workspace Backup Google Workspace Backup +
Enhanced Email Archiving
Automated Backup for
Gmail, Attachments, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
Yes Yes
Automated Backup for
My Drive, Shared Drive
Yes Yes
Access Backup from any Device Yes Yes
Storage and Retention Unlimited Unlimited
Enhanced Email Archiving
(details below)
No Yes
(details below)
Hardware and Software Requirements None None
Ingress/Egress Fees None None
Minimum No. of Users 1 1
- Your Choice -
Monthly or Annual Billing Cycle
(per user)
$4 per month or
$40 per year
$5 per month or
$50 per year
30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Renewals Yes Yes
(for one user)
(for one user)

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Other Backup Features

Secure Backups

Your Google Workspace data is automatically and incrementally backed up using military-grade AES encryption. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is supported.

Advanced User Management Options

You can manage multiple users with role-based access rights - including the end-user.

Powerful Search Tools

Unified search across Gmail, My Drive and Shared Drive. The search tool can also save searches, tags and alerts.

Data Recovery

You can restore directly to mailbox, My Drive, Shared Drive, contact, calendars, and tasks with one click. You can restore data to default folder, other existing folders or create new folders.

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Enhanced Email Archiving

Google Workspace backup with enhanced archivingThe Enhanced Email Archiving service securely backs up and archives all emails and the archive is searchable, discoverable, and accessible.

Complete Archiving

Our Archiving solution ensures all email assets - incoming and outgoing - are stored without fail. The archiving protects all inbound, outbound and internal emails such that they cannot be altered.

Designed for Compliance

Some businesses, such as financial-, legal- and health-related industries, have regulation and compliance requirements which may include securing backups of all email communications. The Enhanced Archiving solution has you covered in the event of any legal motion containing an email hold request, or if a third-party regulator is requesting access to emails in a compliance audit.

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Why should I backup Google Workspace?

Computers get hacked

1 in 5 email accounts get hacked and the vast majority of cyberattacks come via email. Once your computer or laptop is compromised, hackers can gain access to Google Workspace where you store your critical data.

We are all human

Most lost files and emails are deleted from plain old human error. And Google will not continue to store deleted content forever. They will actually delete your trash after 30 days. Your data is important, so backups are important.

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Google does not have you covered

Google is only responsible for making sure their Workspace infrastructure runs smoothly. They are not responsible for backing up your data. If your Google Workspace account is closed for any reason, Google will not be able to retrieve your data.

Legal and compliance requirements

Certain regulated industries require all email communications to be preserved. The Google Workspace service by itself does not meet these requirements.

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Google Workspace Cloud Backup FAQs

Here are some common questions regarding Google Workspace Backup.

Yes, we will help you get setup. You are not left on your own to figure it all out.

No, unlike other backup services there is no software or software agent to install on your computer/laptop and there are no hardware requirements. Our Google Workspace Cloud Backup solution is purely a cloud-to-cloud solution.

Yes. As the domain administrator you can choose to allow your users to login directly to restore their own files or email from the archive.

Backups are stored on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The Amazon S3 infrastructure is secure, and we use military-grade AES-256 bit encryption to store data - in transit and at rest.

Unlike many other backup services, we do not have any minimums. You can sign up with one user if you need to!

For the Google Workspace Cloud Backup service - Gmail is backed up once a day and My Drive, Shared Drive are backed up three times a day. For Enhanced Archiving, there is no schedule for email backup since the Archiving product backs up every email coming in/out will be sent to storage.

Retention policies will vary depending on your business. We provide unlimited retention so you are free to set a retention period based on your company policies. For example, businesses that need to meet HIPAA requirements need to keep records for up to 6 years.

Your backups are only accessible by you or whoever you delegate backup access to via your account.

You will have access to a separate Google Workspace Backup control panel where you can manage your Google Workspace backup archive.

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