How our Shared Cloud works

The basics

Your site is served from Cloud Web Servers while your site files live on separate file servers. The separation between web server and file storage allows your website to be served from multiple Cloud Servers simultaneously without duplicating your content on each of those servers. It also allows your site to be added to new Cloud Servers (or removed from them) instantly.

How multiple Cloud Servers are utilized

The load balancers constantly adjust traffic to balance it between all of the Cloud Servers available for your site. If a Cloud Server is ever down for any reason, the load balancer immediately routes all traffic to healthy Cloud Servers. This prevents most causes of web server downtime.

Every site on Everleap has access to two Cloud Servers

You get the benefits of multiple Cloud Servers for every site you host with us at no extra charge. If you run a site that would benefit from more than two Cloud Servers, they're available to add instantly.

Even if your site only runs on a single Cloud Server, it's still redundant

Your site can be instantly replicated on another server at any time. So even if you only run a single Cloud Server, in the event that anything goes wrong with that server, your site spins up on a new server and traffic is routed to the healthy server. All of that happens quickly and automatically.

Shared Cloud Servers vs. Reserved Cloud Servers

Shared Cloud Servers

Shared Cloud Servers run multiple websites. So when your site is available on two Cloud Servers, they are two shared Cloud Servers. The performance is still great, and the fault tolerance and flexibility is there, but another site on the server could potentially have a negative impact on the server and that could affect your site's performance.

Reserved Cloud Servers

A Reserved Cloud Server is your own fully-managed private Cloud Server. No sharing of server resources with any other customers. Our Reserved Cloud Servers come in three sizes; 1GB of memory running on 1 CPU, or 2GB of memory running on 2 CPUs ,or 4GB of memory running on 4 CPUs. A Reserved Cloud Server has all the benefits of an old-fashioned VPS or dedicated server without the maintenance and security headaches.

Power Pack

Another way to boost the power to your websites is with a Power Pack. Power Pack is a memory, disk space and bandwidth boost to your Shared or Reserved Cloud Server. See the specs for Single site plan here, and for the Multi-site plan here. The Power Pack increases memory by 67%, disk space by 300% and SQL and MySQL disk space increase up to 400% and the number of databases you can create is unlimited.

Single site and Multi-site plans

Single site

Single site plans provide generous resource allocation for a single site, along with the availability of two Cloud Servers to run your site in a fault tolerant, load balanced environment. All of the Everleap plans include SQL and MySQL databases, SQL Reporting Services, SNI SSL, Email, DNS service and access to our experienced around-the-clock technical support staff.


The Multi-site plan has all the benefits of the Single site plan, but with the added ability to run five separate sites - in separate application pools - in one plan. There are two Cloud Servers available for each site. You also have the option to add more sites and Cloud Servers to the plan, making it the most flexible, efficient plan that we offer.

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