Everleap Reserved Cloud Servers

The Reserved Cloud Server is your own fully managed, SSD-based private Windows Cloud Server with resources that are dedicated exclusively to your sites.

Reserved Windows Cloud Servers are available for use on both our Single site and Multi-site Shared Cloud plans. They are available in three sizes.

CPU Memory Price Per Month
1 1 GB $20
2 2 GB $40
4 4 GB $100

Solid State Drives (SSD) for maximum performance

On a web server, the speed at which data moves is critical in providing a responsive site to your visitors. Solid state drives are designed to provide high performance input/output operations with very low latency. Exactly what a busy web server needs.

Need your own database server too?
Private SQL, Private MySQL and Private MongoDB servers are also available.

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The benefits of a Reserved Windows Cloud Server over shared cloud servers at Everleap

-Only your sites run on the server, no others
-More available memory
-Dedicated CPU - no usage caps or restrictions
-No idle time-out - your process remains in memory
-No limit on number of concurrent connections
-WebJobs support
-Always On Setting

Why an Everleap Reserved Windows Cloud Server is better than a traditional VPS or dedicated server

-Fully managed server and O/S software - zero server management headaches
-Fully managed server security
-MS SQL databases included (full SQL, not SQL Express)
-An Everleap Reserved Cloud Server costs less than a dedicated server or fully managed VPS
-MS SQL and MySQL databases are hosted on separate servers so they don't share your web server resources
-DNS, Email, MS SQL and MySQL databases, SQL Reporting Services, SNI SSL are all included at no additional cost
-Seamless scaling with load balancing - your website can be served from multiple Cloud Servers
-Expert technical support is always available

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"Your reserved Everleap servers are so fast that we have to wear goggles and a helmet! ;) We were working with some test code to update (e.g. 25 records), Everleap's update happened so fast that we thought our code was broken. We were looking at the screen going 'blink, blink'...saying, 'That can't possibly have completed that fast.' But it did, time and time again! Great job guys, looking forward to using it." - Michael B. Commandex

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