Website Cloud Backup

cloud backup solution

Automated backup for websites and databases

Website Cloud Backup allows you to automatically and securely back up your website, Microsoft SQL databases and MySQL databases. Retain multiple versions on the schedule you choose, easily restore files, and speed up mistake or malicious activity recovery time.

Website Cloud Backup plans

Plans are based on the amount of cloud storage space you require, and can be ordered in Control Panel.

Website Cloud
Backup plan
per month
10 GB $2.75 Order Website Cloud Backup
30 GB $6.75 Order Website Cloud Backup
60 GB $12.75 Order Website Cloud Backup
100 GB $20.75 Order Website Cloud Backup

If you require more than 100 GB of storage, please contact us for a quote.
Note: The Website Cloud Backup service will not backup Private MongoDB Servers.

Website Cloud Backup features

Automated daily backups

Website Cloud Backup will automatically back up your website and databases daily. You control the schedule, timing and backup retention period.

Off-site backup

Your website and databases are backed up off-site onto Amazon cloud servers.

Store multiple backup versions

Cloud Backup will store multiple versions of your website and database backups. You control how many versions to keep.

MS SQL and MySQL database backups

Website Cloud Backup can back up your SQL and MySQL databases automatically.

Questions about Website Cloud Backup? Contact us.

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Secure file transfer and storage

Website files are transferred securely using FTP over SSL. Your files are encrypted in storage.

Website Cloud Backup control panel

Website Cloud Backup includes an intuitive control panel for managing your backups and service configurations.

Site restoration

With the Website Cloud Backup restore feature you can review your previous backups and restore your entire website or specific files quickly and easily.

Blacklist monitoring

If your site is ever flagged by Google as containing malware or other malicious software, the Blacklist Monitoring service will alert you by email and stop your site and database backups to prevent making backups of compromised files.

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