Some of the benefits of using Everleap Shared Cloud

Our Windows cloud hosting platform doesn't tie your site to a single server the way VPS, dedicated servers or traditional shared servers do. There are many other advantages as well.

The Everleap network is made up of virtual web servers whose traffic is managed by load balancers. If a web server becomes too busy or goes down for any reason, traffic is instantly routed to another server, eliminating latency. Additionally, every Everleap site can use two (or more) load balanced Cloud Web Servers, so your site can be served from multiple separate servers at the same time, splitting the load and increasing your site's responsiveness.

We mentioned that any time a web server becomes unusually busy or goes down, traffic is instantly routed to another server. We have a 100% uptime SLA to back that up. That instant, automatic routing is especially beneficial during monthly Windows server updates. The updates cascade across the servers on a controlled schedule, ensuring that there are always available servers. When a web server goes down for an update, all the sites are immediately served from other, active servers. No more web server downtime for scheduled maintenance.

If your site uses applications that can be resource intensive, such as a CMS, shopping cart, blog or forum, Everleap provides more memory for your applications (up to 4GB on our largest SSD Reserved Cloud Server) in isolated application pools. Check out some popular apps running on Everleap servers.

If your site needs more resources than a shared server can provide, we offer Reserved Cloud Servers. A Reserved Cloud Server serves your websites alone - no others. Every Reserved Cloud Server runs on hardware that uses SSD drives, and there are no constraints on CPU usage, idle time outs or concurrent connections. Reserved Cloud Servers come in three sizes, from 1 CPU/1GB RAM, 2 CPUs/2GB RAM and 4 CPUs/4GB RAM.

The worker process cannot access files outside of the website, and any child processes spun up by the worker have the same restriction. This removes one of the primary methods used to exploit a Windows server, thereby greatly reducing the risk of any server-wide compromise having a negative impact on your sites.

We take advantage of new .NET Framework technology that allows IIS to suspend applications that become idle rather than terminating them. The application is paged out to disk rather than terminated and when it is requested in the future, the process is re-activated and becomes available immediately.

Most shared servers recycle your application pool after a period of inactivity, so the next visitor to your site has to wait while the site compiles and loads into memory. At Everleap we have extended the idle timeout to 30 minutes, and on our Reserved Cloud Servers the timeout is set to eight hours, which insures that your visitors will rarely have to wait for your site to compile.

An Everleap Power Pack provides a memory, disk space and bandwidth increase. You can get the exact specs for the Single site plan here, and for the Multi-site plan here. The Power Pack increases memory by 67%, disk space by 300% and SQL and MySQL disk space up to 400%.

With our cloud architecture, we are able to limit the number of publicly accessible ports (for instance, your website does not listen on the FTP or SMTP ports), making passing a PCI scan much easier than it is at any shared hosting company, and on most VPS as well.

If you use a VPS or dedicated server, you either pay a fee to have that server managed or maintained, or perform operating system, security and component updates yourself. Every Everleap server, including our Reserved Cloud Servers, is managed at no extra cost.

Do you have multiple sites at the same host, but on different servers? Even when those servers are supposed to have identical specs, the configuration can often be quite different. The Everleap servers are created using a template system which eliminates the chance of misconfiguration, or having configuration that varies between different servers. So when you host multiple sites with us, you can rely on consistency.

For more than a decade we have been known for our expert technical support at DiscountASP.NET, and we bring the same high level of support to every Everleap account. You may never need to use tech support, but if you've ever had to pay additional fees for support on your VPS, dedicated server or from a big cloud provider, you'll appreciate having access to our top notch tech team at no extra cost.

"I'm a DiscountASP.NET customer for 8 years running three sites, two of which are commercial. Getting to Everleap was faster and easier than I expected. Now my sites respond MUCH faster. In some cases up to 5X faster. If you are on DiscountASP.NET or any other host - Go to Everleap. You will thank Everleap for it!" - P. Nolan

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