Email Cloud Backup

email cloud backup solution

Automated backup for virtually any email box

Email Cloud Backup automatically and securely backs up your email boxes - including email on Everleap email servers, Gmail, Office 365 and elsewhere. Easily search and restore emails and attachments. We offer a 30 Day FREE Trial.

Email Cloud Backup plans

Plans are based on the amount of cloud storage space for the email archive. The service can be ordered in Control Panel.

Email Cloud Backup plan Price per month* FREE Trial
5 GB $1.00 30 Day FREE Trial
10 GB $1.75 30 Day FREE Trial
25 GB $3.50 30 Day FREE Trial
50 GB $6.00 30 Day FREE Trial

* After the 30 day trial, Email Cloud Backup is billed yearly.

Email Cloud Backup features

Automated Email Backups

Email Cloud Backup will automatically back up virtually any email box - including email on Everleap email servers, Gmail, and Office 365.

Attachments Are Backed Up

Email attachments are included in the backups.

Off-Site Backup

Your emails are backed up off-site onto Amazon cloud servers.

Search, Download and Restore Tools

The service includes a separate Email Cloud Backup control panel with easy-to-use search tools to search through your email archive, download your email, and ability to restore archived email.

Secure Backups

Your Email Cloud Backup archive is transferred with a secure connection and encrypted at rest.

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