Everleap Shared Cloud vs. Traditional Hosting

How does the Everleap Shared Cloud Hosting platform compare against traditional shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated server hosting?

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Is your traditional host letting you down?

Modern websites need a lot more power and flexibility than they did years ago. Your host may be stuck with a traditional platform, but you don't have to be. Everleap is modern cloud hosting technology.

If website downtime is hurting your business

Our load balanced cloud platform ensures that your site will never go down for software or hardware updates. If a server experiences an unexpected problem, your site is immediately served from another server. Website downtime is eliminated.

If your website is slow

The sophisticated load balancers insure that traffic to your site is always routed to the optimal resource, and more memory means no more bottlenecks or slow lanes. Our Reserved Cloud Servers are SSD-powered to further improve your site speed.

If you are frustrated by inflexibility

At Everleap every site has access to a pair of Cloud Web Servers. That allows your site to grow, but if you find the need to scale out further, you can add as many Cloud Web Servers as needed, all of them load balanced automatically. If you need more memory, bandwidth or storage space, they are always instantly available with our Power Pack.

If managing your own server is costing you more time (and money) than it should

One of the advantages of a dedicated server or VPS is control over your hosting environment. But an unmanaged server can be a resource drain and a security risk. Unless you have the time and money to invest in maintaining and protecting the server, you might consider leaving those chores to us.

Each Everleap shared cloud web server and Reserved Cloud Server is fully managed and maintained. Our experts take care of the tedious and time-consuming maintenance work, leaving you to focus on your online presence.

But even if you desire to stick with your dedicated server or VPS, it never hurts to explore alternative. Everleap offers Custom Cloud solutions that may be able to accommodate your needs, so don't hesitate to ask us about a customized cloud for you!).

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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