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We've partnered with SpamExperts to provide email security solutions that come with a powerful, intuitive management portal.

Premium Spam Filtering

SpamExperts Inbox Filtering is a premium spam filtering solution that keeps your email inbox clean and safe from hackers and scammers. SpamExperts protects your inbox from email spam, malicious viruses and phishing scams. Your email will be routed to the SpamExperts cloud for scrubbing, and only legitimate emails will be routed to your email inbox.

Email Archiving

SpamExperts Inbox Archiving solution maintains a backup archive of your filtered inbound email in a cloud vault. The emails are secure in an encrypted and compressed state. You have access to search and retrieve tools via the SpamExperts portal.

Per-domain pricing

While many other spam filtering solutions charge per email user, SpamExperts charges a low monthly flat rate per domain name, making it much more cost-effective.

Use it anywhere

Your email doesn't have to be hosted at Everleap, you can use the SpamExperts service on email hosted anywhere.

SpamExperts services

Inbox Filtering can be ordered in Control Panel.

Inbox Filtering $3.95 per month (paid annually) Order Inbox Filtering
Inbox Archiving (requires Inbox Filtering) $6 per month (paid annually) Order Inbox Archiving

Some of the benefits of SpamExperts Inbox Filtering

Daily quarantine reports

You can enable daily reports with a list of quarantined emails.

Powerful management portal

SpamExperts provides an intuitive management portal with a comprehensive tool set for managing all aspects of your email security.

Email log search

Easily search through email logs for any missing email or an email you need to recall. Quarantined emails are retained for 28 days.

Easy whitelist and blacklist management

Easily add, remove and manage whitelists and blacklists for individual users or entire domains.

Some of the benefits of SpamExperts Inbox Archiving

Inbound email backup

Backup your clean incoming emails that arrive through the SpamExperts cloud.

Secure cloud backups

Your emails are compressed and encrypted for secure storage on redundant cloud servers.

Search and retrieve

Easily search and retrieve emails from the archive to be reviewed through a browser or redelivered.

10 GB storage

The service comes with 10 GB of cloud storage.

Requires Inbox Filtering

To avoid archiving spam and malicious emails, the Inbox Archiving service requires the Inbox Filtering solution.

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