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5 stars
Support head and shoulders above


We've been with Everleap since before Everleap - way back in the beginning of DiscountASP.NET in the early 2000s. Our company runs apps on Azure, AWS and Everleap. While all of these services has had outages (only one at Everleap), the customer support at Everleap stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our company has grown with Everleap. At each stage of our growth, we look at options for the next stage. We're still at Everleap and we expect that as our growth continues, Everleap will partner with us to provide the best infrastructure available.

5 stars
Exceptional Hosting & Support

CJ McCann

I'm so Thankful to have a Provider with a Qualified Knowledgeable Staff & Exceptional Support Team who "Work Together." The help provided surely went Above and Beyond. So grateful to know you ALL take "the guess work" OUT and provide clarity with blessed results. Thank You for your patience and focus on personal care. Going on 8-years STRONG and Maintaining two websites with your services. Heartfelt Appreciation.

5 stars
Everleap is part of my team

P. Nelligan

Everleap is an integral part of my development team. Not only do they quickly handle my tech support requests, but they help me with figure out web development issues that I don't know how to tackle. I honestly don't know what we would do without them. Their tech support is second to none. They are responsive and thorough and fantastic to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a replacement for your web hosting and development needs.

5 stars
Superb support even on the weekend

T. McKenna

In twenty or so years of managing ecommerce web sites, the Everleap service is superb -- fast and reliable. If response time for problems was an issue, it certainly is not any more. It doesn't get any better than a live technical chat -- instant help and answers. And they actually looked at my code, wrote some test code which solved my problem. They actually called me on the phone to discuss my issues at one point. If there were six stars I would give a six star review. Never had this kind of service before. Thanks guys!

5 stars
Simple, fantastic .NET hosting


I've self-hosted, worked with DiscountASP.Net, and Azure and using Everleap is by far the easiest, most straight-forward hosting provider I've used. The simple, no-nonsense pricing is greatly appreciated and really helped me sell the service. If we ever need more horsepower, there is clear pricing to add load-balanced servers, or to move to a dedicated server. The interface for managing IIS apps and SQL database is simple and clean. For 95% of the sites I've worked with, I can't recommend Everleap enough!

5 stars
My go-to hosting solution

T. Tiggemann

My go-to hosting solution, DiscountASP.NET, recommended Everleap to handle a requirement of mine that didn't fit into their model. Everleap fit precisely, and within an hour of signing up for their 30 day free trial, I had my web site with SQL Server up and running. A couple of issues that came up were quickly identified and resolved, even on the weekends. The tiered service, the ability to expand capacity will keep me here. It just works...

5 stars
Been using Everleap for years now


Been using Everleap for years now, love them! Still great tech support after all this time too! Thank you guys!

4 stars
Have Been a customer for eight years…

M. K. Rainier

Have Been a customer for eight years going back to DiscountASP.NET. No complaints here. Fair price, responsive support, adequate server speeds and reliable.

5 stars
Great, affordable choice for .NET hosting

F. F. Cruz

Solid and straightforward hosting for a .NET app I migrated from Azure to Everleap. Support is stellar, very quick response even for complex problems, where they quickly escalate to higher level tiers to work with you.

5 stars
Your one stop cloud hosting shop


I have a single site plan and a managed SQL Server account and while I can't say there hasn't been a single bump in the road, Everleap's support team has been fast to respond and resolve my issues anytime something has come up. They are good at what they do and it seems like they really care about their customers. I wouldn't hesitate to host any type of website with them.

5 stars
Excellent support

J. Ostrander

I've used Everleap for hosting .NET applications for several years and I'm always impressed by their quick, friendly and thorough support. It's apparent that they're not working to close a ticket, but to fully understand and resolve my issues. As a developer, I've found their multi-site option to be an especially good value. Their excellent site admin tools and options for scalability, security, and back-up services also make Everleap easy to work with.

5 stars
Using Everleap for years


We've been using Everleap for a few years now. Prior to that we had used DiscountASP.NET. These products have always been easy to use and very reliable. The staff at Everleap is extremely helpful and have solved many issues for us over the years since no staff at our company has much experience with technology. I truly appreciate all the service over the years.

5 stars
As good as it gets at Everleap

L. Smith

I have been using Everleap since it started (previously a DiscountASP.NET client) and their service and customer commitment have grown and are among the best available. If you're looking for a hosting service where the support team is as good as they get, look no further.

5 stars
Cannot argue with the results


Cannot argue with the results. All tickets were resolved with knowledgeable expertise. GoDadddy (GoCrummy) just had a Wordpress security breach as I typed this review. And its stuff like that is why I left Godaddy.

5 stars
Everleap went above and beyond

J. Rhodes

Everleap went above and beyond to help us troubleshoot a difficult problem with our ASP.NET solution. Not only is their support quick, thorough, and great technically, they have a personal touch and care about the customer. I have been hosted my sites with Everleap for many years and have always been very happy. Keep up the great work!

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