Office 365 Cloud Backup

Safeguard your Office 365 content

Office 365 Cloud Backup automatically and securely backs up your Office 365 Email, Attachments, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups and Teams. Includes easy-to-use search and recovery tools and comes with unlimited storage and unlimited retention.

30 Day FREE TRIAL available.

Office 365 Cloud Backup Plans and Pricing

The Office 365 Cloud Backup service can be ordered in Control Panel.

Office 365 Backup Offce 365 Backup + Archiving
Backup for
Office 365 Email, Attachments, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
Yes Yes
Backup for
Office 365 OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups, Teams
Yes Yes
Enhanced Email Archiving
(details below)
No Yes
- Your Choice -
Monthly or Annual Billing Cycle
(per user)
$4 per month or
$40 per year
$5 per month or
$50 per year
30 Day FREE Trial Yes
for one user
for one user

Office 365 Cloud Backup is renewed monthly or annually per Office 365 subscriber.
There is a 30 day money back guarantee on renewals.

Office 365 Cloud Backup features

Automated Comprehensive Office 365 Backups

The Office 365 Cloud Backup solution backs up Office 365 email and attachments, contacts, calendars, and tasks, and also OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups and Teams.

Secure Backups

Your Office 365 content is secure when transferred and is encrypted at rest.

Not Limited by Storage or Duration

The Office 365 Cloud Backup solution includes unlimited storage and unlimited retention.

Search and Recovery Tools

The Office 365 Cloud Backup solution includes a separate control panel with search and retrieval tools to find data within your backup archive.

Enchanced Email Archiving

Some businesses, such as legal, financial and health related industries, have regulations and compliance requirements which may include secure backups of all email communication.

Designed for Compliance

The Enhanced Email Archiving service included in the higher tier Office 365 Cloud Backup plan securely backs up and archives email and ensures that the email archive is searchable, discoverable, and accessible should the business be subject to a third-party audit or legal motion.

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Why should I backup Office 365?

Computers get hacked

1 in 5 email accounts get hacked and 90% of cyber-attacks come via email. Once your computer/laptop is compromised, hackers can gain access to Office 365 where you have your email and store important documents. Hackers are even more active now with the knowledge that more people are working from home during the pandemic and are logging into work using their personal computers and laptops.

We are all human

The vast majority of lost files and emails are deleted from good old human error. And Microsoft will not continue to store deleted content forever. If your content is important, it is important to backup your content.

Microsoft recommends using a thrid party backup service

Microsoft is repsponsible for making sure their Office 365 infrastructure runs smoothly, but they are not responsible for backing up your content. If your Office 365 account is closed for any reason, Microsoft will not be able to retrieve your content. In their User Agreement, Microsoft even recommends safeguarding your content by using a third party backup service.

Legal and compliance requirements

Certain regulated industries require all email communications to be preserved. Office 365 by itself doesn't meet these requirements.

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