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Backup Your On-Premises Desktops, Servers, Laptops & Mobile Devices

Managed Cloud Backup

Everleap's Managed Cloud Backup solution provides a secure cloud infrastructure to backup your mission-critical business data from your on-premises servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

- We setup and configure the backup systems for you.
- We validate the backups are working as per your requirements.
- You get online access to a dashboard of monitoring reports.
- We troubleshoot and fix any issues, .
- Need any part of your backups? We'll retrieve whatever you need.

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Is Your Data Protected?

You've seen the news - big and small businesses are being hacked by ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Can your business be down for a day or two?

You know that backing up your critical business data will help you recover from an attack, but...
- Where do you start?
- How do you set up a backup system?
- How do you manage backups for the long run?

Everleap is here to help simplify your backup needs.

Managed Cloud Backup Features and Pricing

Base Managed Cloud
Backup Monthly Pricing
$100 per month
Cloud Storage Up to 400 GB
No. of Devices
(server, desktop, laptop,
mobile device)
Backup Verification Yes
Quarterly Restoration Testing Yes
Online Summary Reports Yes
Device Backup Setup Yes, included
Troubleshooting Any
Backup Failures
Yes, included
Data Recovery/Restoration
(full, partial)
Yes, included
24 / 7 Helpdesk Support Yes, included
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Add-ons and Additional Services

Additional 100 GB Cloud Storage
$15 per month
Additional Devices $25 one-time setup per device
$2 per month per device
Failover Disaster Recovery Contact us
Device Patch Management Contact us
Free Managed Cloud Backup Consultation

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Why should I use Everleap's Managed Cloud Backup solution?

Free consultation with experts

We will help you devise a proper backup plan based on your business requirements. Many times we've seen self-managed backups that do not meet business requirements, that are not properly set up, or that stopped working midstream without notice.

Your own on-prem backups are not enough

You may have backups on-site, but if your network gets hacked, your on-prem backups are still at risk. In addition, how are your on-prem backups being managed? We've seen situations where the on-prem backup system was down for several months without anyone noticing. Don't let this happen to your business.

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Worry-Free setup

We will setup and configure all the backup systems and settings based on your business requirements and preferences. We will verify that the backups are working properly and following the business backup policies that you specify.

We offer ongoing backup management

Our backup services ARE NOT set-and-forget. Backups are closely monitored and we will resolve any issues when detected. We'll verify that the backups are working properly and we'll perform quarterly restoration tests to make sure the backup system continues to work properly. And if needed, we'll retrieve whatever data you need.

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Have any questions about Managed Backup? Contact us.

Managed Cloud Backup FAQs

Here are some common questions regarding Managed Cloud Backup.

Managed Cloud Backup solutions are offered by Managed Service Providers (MSP) who will typically setup and backup a business’s data on off-site Cloud storage systems and manage the backup solution.

The purpose of cloud backups is to store copies of a business's mission-critical data outside of a business’s internal infrastructure, such that the data can be recovered in the event the primary data sources on the internal infrastructure is unavailable due to hardware/software issues, data corruption, malicious cyberattack, sabotage, accidental deletion, natural disaster...etc. By being able to recover critical business data, the company can be more resilient.

Your hard drive is a local storage device and, if your business gets hacked, it is still vulnerable. The other drawback to local hard drive backups are scalability issues. Many businesses may not monitor their backups regularly and the hard drive can become completely full which can stop the backup system from working properly. Finally, the local hard drive can usually only be accessed at the business location.

In contrast, Cloud backups are available from anywhere. If the primary business location is compromised for any reason, the business can still get to it's business data. In addition, you won't have to make the investments to purchase hardware/software, you won't need to refresh old hardware or manage updates of the hardware/software on a continuous basis.

We understand that you would be concerned about having a third party anywhere near your business data.

For our Managed Cloud Backup, be ensured that files are encrypted during each step of the backup process - during transit and at rest. The Cloud Backup storage uses military-grade end-to-end encryption (AES-256) to protect your business data.

Ransomware is a type of malware that uses encryption to hold a cybervictim's information hostage. The hacker will demand a ransom to decrypt the information. While your data is encrypted you will not have access to any files, databases, or applications.

Everleap helps by having a backup of your business's mission-critical data offsite on a Cloud storage system outside of the business's internal infrastruture. We can retrieve any data you need so you do not need to pay a ransom for it.

You can backup to the Cloud yourself. However, do you have the internal resources to setup the cloud backup system properly and make sure the system is working and maintained for the long run? How do you get technical support from the Public Cloud, if something goes wrong? Who do you contact at Microsoft or Amazon or Google, for instance?

With Everleap's Managed Cloud Backup solution, we setup everything for you, and make sure everything is working properly. Our team of experts are reachable and we offer 24/7 helpdesk support. Think of Everleap as an extended part of your own IT team that are here to make sure your backups are working properly and your data can be retrieved in the event of an emergency.

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