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Everleap Upgrades Reserved Cloud Servers with High Performance SSD without Increasing Prices

October 30, 2014

Windows cloud hosting provider Everleap announces the enhancement of their Reserved Cloud Servers with high performance solid state drives (SSD). The SSD upgrade applies to all Reserved Cloud Servers and is introduced with no cost increase to customers.

The Everleap Reserved Cloud Servers provide customers with their own fully managed private cloud server that is not shared with any other customer. With Reserved Cloud Servers, customer sites have access to more memory, no restrictions on CPU usage, and no constraints on idle time-outs or number of concurrent connections.

With this upgrade, the Reserved Cloud Servers now use solid state local drives that provide high performance i/o operations with very low latency, significantly increasing site performance over traditional hard drives.

"We have many customers who are enjoying the performance of our Reserved Cloud Servers, but we believed that we could make them even better. Using the speed and reliability of modern SSDs, we decided to invest in increasing performance without increasing the price to the customer,” said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing and Business Development at Everleap. "Our fully-managed Reserved Cloud Servers allow customers to save money and see improved performance over traditional managed dedicated and VPS hosting. If they currently use unmanaged VPS or dedicated servers, they can enjoy those benefits while ridding themselves of server management headaches at the same time.”

If a site’s activity begins to reach the threshold of a Reserved Cloud Server, there are options to scale quickly and easily. Larger Reserved Cloud Server instances are available and multiple load-balanced cloud servers can be seamlessly added.

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Everleap is modern hosting for today’s developer. Built by the team at DiscountASP.NET on top of Microsoft Windows Azure Pack, Everleap is a fully-managed cloud that brings together the reliability and scalability of the big cloud hosting providers with the flat monthly pricing, bundled services, and ease of traditional web hosting. For more information, visit Everleap.com

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