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Is your nopCommerce site struggling on a traditional hosting service?
Do you feel like your overpaying Azure or AWS?
Do you spend too much time managing servers?
Are you having trouble getting the expert technical support you need?
Everleap is the solution for your mission critical nopCommerce store.

Everleap offers two nopCommerce hosting options.
1. Our Shared Cloud Hosting is designed to seamlessly scale as your nopCommerce site grows. Start with 30 days free.
2. We also offer Managed nopCommerce Hosting which is ideal for existing mission-critical stores. This is a custom fully managed Private Cloud with flat predictable monthly fees - a cost-effective alternative to Azure/AWS.

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Check out a live demo of nopCommerce running on the Shared Cloud platform.

Shared Cloud Hosting Platform

Single Site Plan + Power Pack

If you are just getting started with setting up your nopCommerce store or need a development environment, you can use our base Single Site plan with Power Pack and seamlessly scale when you go live to the public.

The Single Site plan includes support for .NET Core, ASP.NET, Full Trust and SQL databases. Single Site plan with The Power Pack increases the memory to 500 MB. The total price for the Single Site Plan and Power Pack starts at $30 per month.

30 Day Free Trial

Production nopCommerce Setup

For live public nopCommerce sites, especially for .NET Core versions, you'll get the best performance using the Single Site plan with a Medium Reserved Server for each of your nopCommerce sites. The total price for the Single Site Plan and Medium Reserved Server starts at $60 per month.

Contact us if you want us to review your deployment plans.

30 Day Free Trial

Mission Critical Sites

Managed nopCommerce Hosting

- Fully Managed Private Cloud
- Flat Predictable Monthly Fees
- Less Expensive Alternative to Azure/AWS
- Hosting Platform Not Shared with Other Customers
- Supports ALL versions of nopCommerce
- Right-sized Hosting Environment
- Customized Database Setup
- Expert Technical Support Included
- FREE Consultation
- FREE Store Migration

Also available:
- Customized Backup Plans
- Customized Disaster Recovery Plans

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There is nothing to lose. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation. Every store is unique and we'll make sure that our solution fits your requirements and needs so you won't overpay or get inadequate services.

Our team has been in the Windows hosting business for over two decades and we know what it takes to provide stable and secure hosting services.

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"We migrated one of our nopCommerce clients from a highly rated traditional windows hosting service after they had extreme downtime after and during a data center migration. I had a few questions about how to do the database restore on Everleap, and their service was quick and responsive. Over the past month we've had no down-time and the site is running extremely fast." - A. Brummer
"About a year ago we moved our nopCommerce website to Everleap after a miserable experience with a large national hosting service. The attention from Everleap... has made this a very rewarding experience. They have always responded quickly and have consistently provided accurate information to our coders. Most importantly ALL of the issues we had with the other hosting service have been resolved, and we have had ZERO problems with their service. I have recommended Everleap to a number of small businesses and will continue to do so. " - TJ Bibbs, bibbteck

There are two options:

a) You can install nopCommerce yourself.

b) We can install nopCommerce for you. Just reach out to our technical support team and request a fresh install of nopCommerce after you activate your Everleap ASP.NET hosting plan.

Yes, we offer FREE nopCommerce website migration services.

Just reach out to our technical support team after you activate your Everleap ASP.NET hosting service and we'll work to get your store up and running on Everleap as quickly as possible.

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