Private Database Servers

Get a Private SQL Server, Private MySQL Server or Private Mongo DB Server

Private Database Servers has access to all of the server's storage, memory and CPU resources. You never share resources with any other users.

Private SQL and MySQL Servers are ideal for:

  • Large databases
  • Hosting many small databases (e.g., multi-tenant SaaS applications)
  • Those who need database server customization (SQL Server Agent jobs, SQL CLR, custom software, etc.)
  • Anyone who has experienced database problems due to resource issues on a shared server

Private MongoDB Servers are ideal for:

  • Databases with an evolving schema
  • Working with large datasets and searching through them effectively
  • Applications that use JSON natively to exchange information
  • Applications that want to utilize the ease of mapping objects to their data (documents) in a 1-to-1 fashion
  • Those who need MongoDB server customization


Fully Managed

We take care of security patching and server updates.

Server Customization

Unlike shared database servers, custom server configuration or installing programs on the server is possible with Private Servers.

Discrete server

Private Database Servers runs on their own virtual servers, not on your web server.

SSMS Compatible

Manage your SQL databases with SQL Management Studio.

Control Panel

Depending on the database type, most of the tools available for our shared database service will be available for Private Database Server implementations.

More details and pricing can be found on the Private SQL page, the Private MySQL page, and the Private MongoDB page.

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