.NET application specialist XIGLA SOFTWARE counts on Everleap to stay ahead of the game

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4 employees.

Over 15,000 thousand licensees of software products worldwide, with most customers based in the US and the UK.

Business challenge
Customers demanding cloud based solutions.

Solution used
Shared Cloud Multi-site Plan.

Juan David Arbeláez of Xigla

Everleap Shared Cloud Customer Story

XIGLA SOFTWARE is based in Medellín, Colombia, and makes function-specific apps written in .NET and Classic ASP to add functionality to websites. Some of their products include a newsletter manager, banner manager and calendar, among many other .NET software solutions.

After years on a classic shared hosting plan with our sister company DiscountASP.NET, XIGLA recently decided to move to our cloud based hosting platform Everleap. We wanted to learn a little more about what prompted the shift, so we talked with XIGLA CEO and Production Engineer Juan David Arbeláez to get the scoop.

Everleap: What made you choose DiscountASP.NET initially for your web hosting needs?

XIGLA: When we started XIGLA SOFTWARE our aim was to develop affordable yet great Classic ASP software solutions that customers could just plug into their sites. We were just a couple of dreamers with a bunch of ideas, a whole lot more requirements and unfortunately, not a lot of money.

When looking for hosting for our web site, we had to deal with a simple (yet complex) dilemma - either pay a lot to get great technical support or don’t pay much but don’t ask for much.

We tried both routes. At first we went with a cheap hosting company and soon we were facing all kinds of troubles: the site going down, security issues, you name it. Then we went to the other extreme and hosted with one of the most expensive shared hosting companies around. Yup, great support, but was it ever expensive!

Then we found DiscountASP.NET. With their focus on Classic ASP developers and a great price, we thought, let’s give them a shot! And so, here we are 7 years later and we haven’t considered any other host since then. It has just been perfect!

Tell us about your experience with the DiscountASP.NET team.

These people know what they are doing and that’s something that is really appreciated in the software development business. We went there to host our classic ASP solutions and then when ASP.NET took over, DiscountASP.NET was ahead of the game.

In fact, they have always been. They offer you the chance to test new technologies as they are about to be released, so that you can be sure that everything will work flawlessly on D-Day.

Support time is fantastic and I haven’t had any issues with them at all. Sometimes, when the issues have been our fault (yes people, we the customers make a lot of mistakes too, and usually blame our providers for them), they have taken the time to let us know and even followed up to see how are doing. Amazing!

"Just wanted to let you know that we have been moving our site and so far we are QUITE IMPRESSED with the ease of the platform. It has all been a piece of cake. Every single thing we have tried has been working. Setting up sites and databases could not be easier. I love Everleap!"
- Juan Arbeláez, xigla.com


We’re really glad to hear that Juan. So what then prompted the shift over to cloud hosting and Everleap? What were your goals and your requirements?

If there is one thing that one can be sure of in the software development business, it is constant change. Technology is always evolving. When customers started to demand cloud based services, we thought “Oh… not again. Will we have to look out for another provider?”

You were once again one step ahead and Everleap was exactly what we were looking for. The ease of use of your platform and technical support, a single easy to use plan that will fit everything, a great price, and scalable cloud hosting! A no brainer!

Did you consider or try any other cloud hosting provider?

Yes, we did look around, but the common factor was: pay a lot, and deal with overwhelming technical stuff. Way too much. All we wanted was something simple that we could use out of the box.

Tell us a little bit more about the set-up and solution that you have running with us.

We went for your Multi-site cloud plan. It allows us to host multiple sites and back them up with their own SQL Server databases. It works right out of the box. We like that!

How does your business benefit from the Everleap platform?

Costs and internal resources are our top priorities. We know that we are getting much more than what we are paying for and that’s a deal that no one will ever refuse. Plus your control panel has to be one of the most intuitive yet powerful I have seen around. It lets us focus on what we do - develop software and run our business, instead of maintaining a website online.

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How has the customer service experience been with Everleap?

Awesome! Answers are a click away. Send an e-mail with a request and within minutes you will get a reply or even get escalated to a higher level of support if your requirement requires a more detailed look.

What does the future hold for your business and how does Everleap factor in?

The cloud and mobile-web are here to stay for a long time. Everyone is connected to the web, demanding 100% availability anywhere. People want service and they want it now. We want to take advantage of this new change in the software industry and we know for sure that Everleap is key in our strategy to tackle these markets.

What will be next in this crazy technology business? What will be the next game changing technology? I don’t know yet… but what I do know is that Everleap and DiscountASP.NET will surely be leading the way, as they always have been.

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