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If you are looking for a serious, scalable, high-performance modern hosting platform for nopCommerce then you've come to the right place. We understand that you have a business to run and unreliable traditional hosting solutions just waste your time.

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Take a look at some load testing results comparing Everleap to other hosts. All of the testing was done on nopCommerce demo store site installations.

Check out a live demo of nopCommerce running on the Everleap cloud platform.

The Everleap Advantage

We'll migrate your nopCommerce store or install nopCommerce - no cost
If you have an existing nopCommerce storefront, we'll migrate it over to Everleap for free. Let our expert migration team do the heavy lifting. Or if you want to start fresh with a new install of nopCommerce, let us know and we'll take care of that for you. Just sign up and contact us to get started.

Say good-bye to constant migration
Traditional hosting, be it shared, VPS or dedicated, have limits because you are tied to a single physical server. Everleap offers cloud hosting with seamless scalability so you can upgrade as your site grows - without any file migration or disruptions.

Need more memory? No problem
nopCommerce is a robust e-commerce application and requires more memory than your old-fashioned host can give you. Everleap offers cloud hosting solutions from 300 MB - 4 GB RAM. So we can accomodate your site as you grow.

Faster startup
New .NET technology allows us to "suspend" applications that become idle rather than terminating them. So future requests are faster. And did we mention that our Reserved Cloud Servers use fast high-performance SSD (solid state drives)?

Site and database live separately
VPS solutions sound great but your database is living on the same box and is probably SQL Express. At Everleap, we give you a real SQL database. And your databases live on separate servers - never on the same box as your site.

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"About a year ago we moved our nopCommerce website to Everleap after a miserable experience with a large national hosting service. The attention from Everleap... has made this a very rewarding experience. They have always responded quickly and have consistently provided accurate information to our coders. Most importantly ALL of the issues we had with the other hosting service have been resolved, and we have had ZERO problems with their service. I have recommended Everleap to a number of small businesses and will continue to do so. " - TJ Bibbs, bibbteck