Database Servers & Services

Database Hosting Solutions beyond Private Servers

With our Everleap cloud hosting plans, we include traditional shared SQL databases and shared MySQL databases. We also offer Private SQL servers, Private MySQL servers, and Private MongoDB servers - private databases hosted on a single virtual machine. But what if you need more...

Custom Private Database Cloud Solutions

We offer customized database infrastructure hosting solutions and DBA services:

  • SQL, MySQL, Oracle...
  • We install and support various database environments - even legacy database versions.

  • High Availability Clustered Solutions
  • We setup and support clustered high-availability SQL database environments.

  • Database Porting, Migration and Upgrades
  • We handle database porting between different databases, data migration and database upgrades.

  • DBA Services
  • We offer DBA services which include database design, database tuning, security configuration, backups...

  • Database Performance Monitoring
  • We can set up database performance monitoring systems.

We have decades of experience managing and maintaining hosting infrastructure for tens of thousands of databases.

We work on a predictable monthly pricing model rather than unpredictable "by-the-minute" fees and our pricing is typically lower than the giant public clouds. In additiona, our Custom Private Database Cloud hosting solutions typically includes some DBA services.

The first step is to contact us for a free consultation.

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