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Cloud Websites hosting plan at Everleap

Do you run a mission critical website?

Are you tired of the overcrowded servers and headaches at your traditional web host?

Do you need controllable flexibility and room to grow?

bundled web hosting services

Cloud Websites is the solution for you.

Everleap Cloud Websites give you the reliability and scalability of the cloud at predictable, down-to-earth prices. Our cloud hosting services include SQL and MySQL databases, Reporting Services, SSL support, email, and DNS service. Must-have features for most of us, but either unavailable or offered as "add-ons" by other cloud providers. See for yourself with our 30 day free trial.

Redundant cloud infrastructure

Hassle-free high-availability hosting

Our clusters of Cloud Web Servers are at the ready to serve your website content. If any server should fail, other Cloud Web Servers take over immediately to keep your site up and running. Redundancy is built in, so we can offer a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement.

Scalable hosting

Web hosting that grows with you

High-availability through redundancy is great, but we also provide many scaling options. You can instantly load balance your website between multiple Cloud Web Servers should your site experience increased traffic, right from your Everleap Control Panel. Seeing a serious, sustained increase in traffic or is your application hitting the edge of your memory allocation? Move your site to a Reserved Cloud Server, where yours is the only site on the Cloud Web Server. The scalability is seamless. You never have to migrate any files. Learn more about how Cloud Websites can scale as your site grows.

hosting with latest Microsoft web stack

Latest technology

We've built a solid reputation as DiscountASP.NET, working with developers and supporting the latest Microsoft web technologies since 2003. Everleap continues that tradition on a next-generation platform. Our Cloud Websites are built on Microsoft's latest Cloud O/S and utilizes Windows Azure Pack - the same technology that runs Microsoft Windows Azure.

technical support included

Technical support included

Everyday users and web professionals alike have relied on DiscountASP.NET's renowned around the clock technical support for over a decade. That critical and fundamental service is part of the package here at Everleap. If an issue requires us to dive deeper, we'll call you or set up a shared desktop video conference, all as part of our core service, and never at any additional charge.

powerful yet easy control panel

Control Panel

Part of the promise of the cloud is self-service, so of course we provide you with a powerful control panel where you can manage every aspect of your Everleap web hosting service. Beyond disk space and bandwidth usage, we also provide you additional usage stats including memory usage, cpu usage, requests and errors to help you gain more insight into how your application is behaving.

fully managed hosting

No more IT headaches

Our Cloud Websites service is fully managed. That means you don't have to worry about server maintenance, service packs or security patches. We take care of all of that for you, so you can spend your time doing what's important to you: developing and growing your website.

So it doesn't matter whether you are a hard core Microsoft developer using Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC or SignalR and you are looking for a host that speaks your language, or you're a startup or a one-person shop looking for an answer to your web hosting needs that can grow along with your business without breaking the bank - Cloud Websites is the perfect solution for everyone.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Cloud Websites plan.

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