Windows Azure Pack

What is Windows Azure Pack?

The underlying technology that we use for the Everleap cloud hosting platform is Windows Azure Pack, the same technology that Microsoft uses to run their Azure hosting platform. Microsoft made Azure technologies available to their partners, so we used it to build a cloud offering that runs in our own data center. Azure Pack is the foundation, but we built our own control panel to make it easy for you to cloud-enable your website without the steep learning curve. We think you're going to like it.

Why you should use Everleap

We've been delivering web hosting and web application hosting services for developers for over a decade at DiscountASP.NET. We built Everleap so we could offer a modern web hosting service on a scalable cloud hosting platform. Something that isn't possible on the traditional DiscountASP.NET platform. A lot of hosts call services built on those traditional platforms "cloud," but we wanted to offer a truly modern cloud hosting service that isn't "cloud" in name only. And here it is.

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Predictable, flat, fixed pricing

One of the attractive things about the big cloud providers is the ability to pay as you go. That kind of metered usage is great for huge web sites that experience serious usage spikes or scaling issues. But most of us aren't managing huge websites, so the unpredictable monthly costs associated with metered usage can make it difficult to manage your web hosting budget. We offer two plans and you can compare the pricing here.

Fully managed services

Many people think of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) when they hear "cloud hosting." Typically this means unmanaged VMs or VPS hosting. That is not what we are offering at Everleap. Our cloud hosting solution is fully managed. You don't have to worry about managing the O/S, security patches, or service updates.

Bundled services

At Everleap we bundle many services that are typically additional charges at other cloud providers. You'll pay extra for all of these services at the big cloud providers (if they are available), but they are all included in every Everleap plan:

Disk space
Large amounts of bandwidth
Email service
Emailing from application
DNS service
SQL 2014/2012 and MySQL 5 databases
SQL 2012 Reporting Services
SNI SSL (IP based SSL is also available)

Technical Support is included for free

If you need help from one of the big cloud providers, prepare to pay for it. We know that you expect expert technical support to be part of your hosting service, so at Everleap, it is. "Always There" technical support is available through our Help Center. Should an issue require further discussion or deeper investigation, we can arrange a callback or a shared desktop video session.

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Onboarding Assistance

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part of a new web hosting account, especially if you haven't used the platform before. We are here to help you. We'll help you migrate your existing site over to Everleap. We'll install many open source and some commercial apps for you. We also provide free consultation on how best to utilize and set up your hosting service to meet your needs. You will not find this level of personal attention at any of the big cloud services.

This is the next generation of web hosting services

Most of it will be familiar to you, but the engine that runs it is a vast improvement over traditional web hosting. This is a powerful, premium grade cloud platform that provides reliability and scalability options that are rapidly becoming essential on today's web.

As we like to say, don't take our word for it, take a 30 day free trial and try Everleap without any risk.